Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow! It's been a while...

It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I've been through a lifetime it seems! LOL! Right now, I'm enjoying the first summer session at the University of Montana. I have two classes: ceramics for non-majors and child abnormal psychology. Trying to cram a whole semester's worth of knowledge into five weeks is difficult to say the least. I am enjoying my classes, though. The man that is teaching ceramics is hilarious! Today, he wore the old-style 3D glasses for the entire class time. I wonder if they gave him a headache? I have a test that I should be studying for, but am procrastinating magnificently!
Sam and Zack are taking swimming lessons at the U. They are really enjoying it! I just couldn't teach them to swim the proper way (imagine that!). I guess if I knew how to swim myself, then that would be a different story. I am considering taking beginning swimming lessons for adults, but I don't think I want to. Too embarrassing!
This is the last week of school for the boys. They will have to come to school with me, or stay home and play while I'm in class. Can you guess which option they'll choose? LOL!
I have been stitching when I get the chance. Not many chances! I have also been knitting on a dishcloth once in a while. I'll be sure to post pictures in a day or two. But for now, I think I'll take a crack at the books before I go to sleep.