Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Call her Sanchez...

Don't even ask what that's all about. You will regret it.

I got my scores back on two of my tests. The first one was for Social Psychology. I got a B! I was told that the professor was horrible for testing. I thought for sure I failed. LOL! The next exam was in Psychology of Personality and I didn't study much for that one because I put all of my effort into the first one. I got an A! Ta-da! I could've danced right there on the spot!

Poor Zackrie called me from school today with a bad earache. He said that he tried to tough it out, but just couldn't anymore. Poor baby! I rushed away from school and picked him up and brought him home. Then I went on an adventure trying to find a place that had a heating pad. Can you believe that a heating pad would be so hard to find? I went to three different places before I finally found one that was on clearance. I then braved rush hour traffic without experiencing any road rage and made it home with my prize! Zack was so relieved to see the heating pad. I made him lay on the couch and watch cartoons.

I managed to finish day one of the October Monthly Dishcloth pattern. I am very curious to know what this will turn out to be. I hope it's a witch!


Myrna said...

Hi Debbie!!!

I'm going to start the October dishcloth tonight. Is it a witch?

Hugs for you!!!
Mima :-)

Knitman said...

Congratulations! An A and a B? Excellent stuff.