Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just can't seem to get the hang of it

Another year has gone by and no posting on my blog. Am I really that boring? Most likely! So much has happened in 2011. The first thing that I accomplished in 2011 was to move out of my husband's home into my own. It was such a HUGE step for me. It was scary and exciting all mixed together. So if I had my own home, that means I had my own rent to pay along with many other numerous bills. I needed a job. I applied for many jobs, but the one that called me for an interview had to do with my psychology degree. This was the one for me!! I got the job and was dumped into teaching parenting classes to people that had either lost their children, or were in danger of having them taken away by CPS. I also had to do supervised visits, and drug testing for my new clients. Barely any training and tons of paperwork. Of course, no one does their paperwork like anyone else, so no matter what I did, it was wrong. (It still is, actually! Hee hee!)
I must say that I really don't like my job. It's so very stressful and upsetting. I get little to no support and would really rather put the effort into my home and family rather than helping others with theirs.
On the knitting front, I didn't finish a single thing in 2011. Unless you count a few dishcloths. I've been in my house for a year and still don't have my office/craft room unpacked yet. I'm so annoyed by this! I have projects that I would love to knit on again (or stitch) and can't find.
Speaking of things that I can't find...I was going to finish up my divorce papers this evening and go turn them in finally. No where to be found!! No, this is not a sign. This only means that I'm very forgetful and unorganized. Funny thing is, I put them in my work brief case so I wouldn't lose them. I must have taken them out and put them somewhere and can't remember what I did with them. Well, enough ramblings. Keep Calm and Carry Yarn!

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